PC Optimizer Pro v6.4.6.4 Free Download

By | April 20, 2013
PC Optimizer Pro
PC Optimizer - Using this Optimizer Pro can clean, repair, improve Windows operating system. PC Optimizer developed to optimize the performance of your personal computer, making your computer run more quickly, and allows you to fix several system errors.

Available Features in PC Optimizer Pro:

Registry Optimizer:

Always make your PC after undesirable details in the Os has too complicated. For the effective efficiency of the PC laptop or computer optimizer is cleaning undesirable details.

Privacy Guard:

Tracks PC on the Internet can be highly complex, lower the better. In addition, privacy guard to protect the privacy of your PC’s overall functions.

File Shredder:

that can be abused) to allay the fears of the works.

Program Uninstaller:

Program Uninstaller uninstalls programs for waste materials is present in your PC, making your PC easier and friendlier for you.

Manage Startup:

Manage startup software utility which is a kind of brush up your PC so that you can have a quick PC.

System Information:

System information about your system configuration is useful pieces of information.

Windows Tools:

Especially PC Optimizer Pro is a Windows tool umbrella utility that a user of your PC to manage a variety of related functions Windows provides several ways.

Backup Restore:

Restore backups, you perform the registry cleanup the last time you can reverse the action.

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