How to Crack Internet Download Manager Manually

By | May 19, 2013


How to Crack Internet Download Manager Manually

hi Friends in this tutorial i will tell you how we can crack any version of idm and can make it full registered/crack.

Now suppose you have updated your IDM (Internet Download Manager) and if you are using cracked or patched version, after updating IDM, it shows an error message that you have registered IDM using fake serial key. And after that IDM exits and hence it doesn’t download anything.
This hack also works for trail IDM that means download a trail IDM from there site and register the professional i.e. full version of IDM with your credentials for free using this hack trick.
Let’s start the tutorial, How to hack or crack IDM manually.
Steps Involved:
Step 1: Go to START > Then go to RUN  and type the following text and click enter:
notepad %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
For Windows 7 users, due to security reasons you will not be able to save hosts file.
The trick is below: 
First of all go to C:/ drive then go to Windows Folder and then go to System32 folder and then go to Drivers folder and then go to Etc Folder, in the Etc folder you will see the hosts file.
Now right click on hosts file and go to its properties, then go to security tab and then select your admin account, just below u will see an edit button (in front of change permissions), Now give the user full control and write and read rights and then click on apply and then click on Ok, now u will be able to edit the hosts file and save changes in it.Step 2: Now a notepad file appears .
Now copy the below lines of code and add to hosts file as shown above:



After adding these piece of code, save the notepad file. And exit from there.
Step 3: Download the IDM trial or If you already have IDM installed Update it by going to
Help—> then to check for Updates.
If you don’t wanna update your version, Just click on Registration.
Step 4: When you click on registration, Now a new dialog appears that is asking for Name, Last Name, Email Address and Serial Key.
Step 5: Now Enter your name, last name, email address and in field of Serial Key enter any of the following Keys:









And click on ok to register.
Step4: Now after you click ok, it will show an error message but you can re open idm and  check Your Idm has been registered  :)
Happy Crcking  if any problem just comment below.
or you can use IDM Patcher Tool for automatic Cracking of IDM.

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